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Who are these guys anyway?

Hello, and welcome to the Chief O'Hara web site! In case you are wondering, this particular "Chief O'Hara" is a modern rock dance band. We don't live in Gotham City, nor do we have a "bat phone" connection to any gadget-toting, stocking-frolicking caped crusaders. What we do have is a fun group of musicians who like to play some of their favorite modern rock covers to gyrating dancers and beer chuggers at cool local bars from San Francisco to the South Bay.

Our on-going mission is to entertain the "masses" and create a fun party atmosphere wherever we play. The Chief strives to bring our unique style of cover material to new places and new faces. In line with this goal, we are constantly expanding our repertoire of music and we are always looking for new venues to play to keep things fresh and exciting.

Chief O'Hara formed in May 1995, and we have been playing regularly at bars and private parties since then. The concept behind Chief O'Hara was (and continues to be) an effort to pool our collective talents to have fun with the material and to provide the audience with some tasty musical treats. To get more detail on who we are, check out the bio sheet on the Chief members and the accompanying cheesy picture.

The music we "cover":

The Chief O'Hara music repertoire ranges from classic modern rock dance hits to new alternative material from current radio play lists. Please see Chief O'Hara's current play list. You'll find that we cover a wide range of bands and music -- from the Cure, the Violent Femmes, and the English Beat, to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, and the Dave Matthews Band. To keep up with the demand for new material, we try to add new songs to our set list at a rate of about 20 songs every three months.

Our unique "spin" on classic material...

What makes the Chief O'Hara band unique among the ever-expanding sea of cover bands all doing the same thing? Chief O'Hara strives to have a fresh approach to many of the classic cover tunes. While we attempt to play true to the original forms of most of the songs in our repertoire, we do sometimes like to "mix it up" a little with a melding of musical styles to add a fresh angle and an interesting approach to our material. For example, check out our creative spin on the Nirvana grunge classic, "Smells Like Teen Spirit"-- we have revamped this tune around a ska beat and a hint of the surf classic "Wipeout" thrown in for fun. We've also bastardized Green Day's "Longview" by adding a small section of straight jazz swing--just to keep people guessing. One fan describes our interpretation of the classic Beatles tune "Come Together" as "Stevie Ray Vaughan meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Mind you, we don't attempt to "reinvent" every song that we do... we selectively tweek some songs "just enough" to keep things fresh, interesting, creative and true to Chief O'Hara's warped sense of humor. The main ingredient for any Chief show is for everyone to have fun!!!

So, if you're interested, come check out Chief O'Hara at our next gig and see for yourself...or, go ahead and book Chief O'Hara for your next open date, party or event! When Chief O'Hara is playing everyone has a good time!

Click here to see the places, dates and directions to upcoming shows.

See you at the next show!

Chief O'Hara

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