Chief O'Hara

band members:

Mike (a.k.a. "Sarge") -- is the principal singer of the Chief. He occasionally backs on guitar and various percussion instruments (i.e. the funky cowbell, yellow maracas, or the Partridge family tambourine...) and always brings a soulful expression to the wide range of the Chief's material.

Steve (a.k.a. "Corn Boy," and some people think of him as our very own "Schwimmer") -- is a talented multi-instrumentalist who wears the most "hats" in the Chief. Steve plays keyboards (the Stud-o-90), electric and acoustic guitars, and sings (sometimes all at the same time!)

Mark (a.k.a. "Mr. Substantial") -- defines the funk element in the Chief and the musical "heights" we would like to reach. Mark plays electric and acoustic basses, fretted and fretless. Look up "funky" in a good dictionary and you'll see Mark's picture.

Ed (a.k.a. "Shred") -- is a veteran of various dysfunctional local bands. He brings a unique blend of funk, reggae, jazz, and world beat influences into the Chief's solid rock rhythms. You'll often see him arguing with Paul over who gets to count off the tunes.

Paul (a.k.a. "Sauce Boy")-- is the energetic guitar player (especially after a cup of coffee or hot cocoa). Always "ready," Paul likes to count off the tunes hyper-fast, and he always manages to get a few Mike Stern licks into his guitar solos. He also plays the acoustic guitar and sings. (BTW, "sauce boy" comes from the time he spilled spaghetti sauce down the front of his jeans --somehow it just stuck.)

Hanz (a.k.a. "Brother Hanz")-- pulls the Chief sound together with mixing abilities unsurpassed by mere mortals. Brother Hanz, also known as "the MAAN!", has been known to make special guest vocal appearances, and always mixes it up with the loyal Chief fans on the dance floor.

Chief O'Hara unofficially endorses Kay-o hot cocoa mix, Applewood pizza, and Fransiskaner and Newcastle beers.

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